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In 2006, Nick opened his private practice law office, located at 2901 Main Street, Vancouver, WA 98663. Over the last 12 years, Nick has helped his clients successfully navigate a wide variety of criminal and civil legal issues ranging from complex Family Law cases (divorce, third-party custody, parenting plan modifications, etc.) to life-affecting criminal charges like Vehicular Homicide, Attempted Murder, Wide-Ranging Domestic Violence Offenses, DUIs, Protection Orders, Traffic Infractions and other legal matters. The Law Office of Nicholas Wood, P.S. provides our clients the best legal advice possible and the aggressive representation they deserve. If you need representation for criminal defense, protection orders, and/or traffic violations/infractions, get the top-notch legal defense you deserve. Call or Contact the Law Office of Nicholas Wood, P.S. today.

​Experienced, Accessible Legal Representation for Washington and Oregon

When you hire us, you’ll be working with an attorney who champions customer service at every phase of the legal process. As your lawyer, we will be there when you need us, including evenings, weekends, and holidays. That means that we’ll respond to your phone calls and emails promptly and be sure to keep you in the loop while we’re tackling your legal matter. In fact, we prefer that our clients get involved with their case and ask questions because we’ve found that those who do so tend to get better results than those who don’t.

Our goal is to let our clients know where they stand so they can make informed decisions about how to proceed. We’re not interested in telling you what to do – we want you to do what is best for you even if that means disagreeing with us. We have extensive experience not only in guiding clients toward making wise decisions about their legal matters, but also in helping opposing parties mediate mutually agreeable outcomes. Contact our office to discuss your legal issue and find out what options are available to you in protecting your rights and your interests. We look forward to meeting you and helping you get started on addressing your matter today.

Our Legal Practice Areas

Criminal Defense Icon

Criminal Defense

We offer aggressive legal representation in a wide variety of criminal defense matters including DUI, Domestic Violence, Misdemeanor, and Felony cases, to name a few.

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Family Law Icon

Family Law

We offer exceptional legal representation for a wide variety of family law matters including Divorce, Child Support & Custody, Parenting Plans, and much more.

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Court icon

Civil Protection

We specialize in representing those who are seeking a protection order against someone as-well-as those who are defending against a protection order.

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Post Conviction icon

Post Conviction

Whether you are seeking to regain your rights to use/own a firearm, or are looking to expunge a misdemeanor or felony record, we may be able to help you.

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