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Criminal Defense Attorney VancouverVancouver, Washington criminal defense attorney Nicholas Wood provides aggressive thorough defense of all criminal charges including murder, attempted murder, vehicular homicide, rape, other sex offenses, vehicular assault, explosive cases, D.U.I., domestic violence, assaults, drug possession, theft, firearms, malicious mischief, burglary, robbery, reckless driving, negligent driving, driving while suspended, other misdemeanors, traffic violations, and juvenile cases. I represent clients at all stages of the case, from initial investigation, arrest, arraignment, pre-trial hearing and trial. Clients need to understand the charges they are facing, have an informed and detailed analysis of the issues in the case, explore their litigation options, and have presented the best defense of the case available to the prosecution and court. If you or someone you care about has been accused of a crime or questioned by law enforcement, call the Law Office of Nicholas Wood, P.S. immediately

Vancouver Criminal Defense Attorney

Nicholas Wood thinks outside the box and will go above and beyond to defend his clients. Vancouver, WA criminal defense attorney Nicholas Wood understands the court system, alternative programs, and the resources available in the area to best serve his clients. Nick’s understanding and experience with the criminal justice system in the Vancouver, Washington and surrounding areas often times provides his clients with valuable options to resolve their cases favorably. Whether it is a jury trial, effective negotiation to a reduced charge, diversion, drug/substance abuse court, mental health or veteran’s court or other programs, Nicholas Wood will explore all available avenues for the most favorable resolution of your case.  Call The Law Office of Nicholas Wood at 360-869-0699 today.

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