Contempt Motions Involving Dissolution Proceedings

As a divorce attorney in Vancouver, WA, who regularly appears in Clark County Superior Court on divorce/dissolution matters, dealing with litigating issues involving child support, child custody/parenting plans, spousal maintenance and other related matters, it is unfortunately a common practice to enforce the orders of the court through the contempt process. In the contempt process, if a party does not

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Clark County Washington Felony and Misdemeanor Mental Health Court Part 1

As a criminal defense attorney in Vancouver (Clark County), Washington who has successfully handled a wide-ranging array of criminal cases, ranging from Disorderly Conduct to Attempted Murder in the Second Degree. I have encountered mental health issues throughout my practice involving my clients that were relevant both to potential defenses (insanity and diminished capacity) as well as mitigation (a justification

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Recent Developments in Washington State Criminal Law

As a DUI Lawyer in Vancouver, I would like to share some proposed changes in Washington State criminal law. Recently, Washington legislatures have passed several new criminal justice oriented pieces of legislation geared toward toughening up criminal laws in the state. Currently Washington law makes a fifth conviction for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in ten years a felony offense

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Things to Consider When Getting a Divorce

No one enters into a marriage thinking that they are going to get divorced.  However, the sad truth is that a significant number of marriages in the United States end in divorce for a variety of reasons.  If you are in a situation where divorce becomes a reality, then you need to think about how this will affect you in

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