Felony Sentencing


Changes in Felony Sentencing in Washington State for Juveniles Charged as Adults

As a criminal defense attorney who has handled numerous felony cases in Vancouver, WA, I’ve worked with many cases involving juvenile offenders being tried as adults in Superior Court. Recently, the Washington State Supreme Court in the case of State v. Zyion Houston-Sconiers gave a big boost to juvenile justice in Washington State by rulings that youths should not be

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Felony Sentencing Under Washington State Law

As a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Vancouver, WA, I often get asked about felony sentencing. Felony Sentencing under Washington State law can be a complicated proposition. This article is meant to give a general overview of Felony sentencing in Washington. For a more detailed analysis, please contact the Law Office of Nicholas Wood, P.S. and schedule a consultation. Felony Sentencing

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