Family law


Parenting Plans in Clark County WA

As a Divorce Lawyer, I know divorces can be one of the most emotionally draining events in a person’s life.  The court ultimately has the authority to make decisions that can affect everyone involved for the rest of their lives potentially.  And of all the things the court can decide in a divorce, one of the most important and contentious

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Child Support Process in Washington State

How Washington State determines child support payments ​As a child support lawyer in Vancouver, WA, I’ve seen my share of child support and custody battles. Below describes how Washington State law determines the appropriate amount of child support to be paid each month by the non-custodial parent. A parent’s child support obligation in Washington State is based primarily on the

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Things to Consider When Getting a Divorce

Things to Consider When Getting a Divorce No one enters into a marriage thinking that they are going to get divorced.  However, the sad truth is that a significant number of marriages in the United States end in divorce for a variety of reasons.  If you are in a situation where divorce becomes a reality, then you need to think

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