Clark County Washington Felony and Misdemeanor Mental Health Court Part 1

As a criminal defense attorney in Vancouver (Clark County), Washington who has successfully handled a wide-ranging array of criminal cases, ranging from Disorderly Conduct to Attempted Murder in the Second Degree. I have encountered mental health issues throughout my practice involving my clients that were relevant both to potential defenses (insanity and diminished capacity) as well as mitigation (a justification

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Recent Changes to WA Law Impacting Drivers for DUIs and Cell and Other Electronic Devices

DUI Changes The State of Washington continues to harshen consequences for drinking drivers in the state by changing the law and now making a fourth driving under the influence offense a felony in Washington state if it has occurred within the last 10 years.  Prior to the change, Washington law required four misdemeanor DUI convictions over a 10-year period before

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DUI Pre-Arrest Screening Phase

Part 3 of 3 Regarding the Anatomy of a DUI Arrest Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs) This final phase before arrest, the officer typically will order the suspect out of his vehicle and offer him or her the opportunity to take “voluntary” field sobriety tests (FSTs).  Now the law regarding the taking of field sobriety tests was muddled relatively recently by

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Personal Contact with the DUI Suspect

Part 2 of 3 Regarding the Anatomy of a DUI Arrest In the personal contact phase, law enforcement officers are making as many observations about the person as possible:  Do they detect the odor of alcohol, marijuana or some other form of intoxicant on the person?  Now remember, if someone is 21 years old it is not unlawful or illegal

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DUI Arrest Vehicle in Motion Phase

Part 1 of 3 Regarding the Anatomy of a DUI Arrest Law enforcement officers are taught that the DUI arrest process is broken down into three main sections generally:  1.  Vehicle in motion, 2.  Personal contact with the suspect, and 3. Pre-arrest screening.  Officers typically have to justify each step to move on to the next in order to ultimately

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Ignition Interlock License Basics

How to Keep Driving when Washington State Suspends Your Drivers License for DUI or Drug Related Offenses. Today’s world revolves around people being able to drive—it is a mainstay to keep employment and otherwise live your life.  Unfortunately, sometimes people make mistakes that result in a person’s ability to legally drive to be suspended.  Fortunately, in Washington State the legislature

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DUI Lawyer Vancouver. Getting a DUI, what should I do?

If getting a DUI, stop reading and call 24/7: 360-869-0699 You are out and about, having a good evening with friends, family or both. There is laughing, great conversation and, like in many social settings, drinking adult beverages. You don’t feel like you are “drunk”, but maybe you feel “buzzed” or you aren’t 100% sure how you feel. Though you

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